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Risk Disclosure: Leeds Capital is an ECN platform, the locked positions may be subject to margin call and immediately stopped out due to the float spread. Additionally, occasional positive or negative slips may occur because of uncontrolled network delay or fluctuating depth of the market resulting in rapidly changing liquidity. The platform does not provide Clients with signals but allows the expert advisers to provide their service or trading on behalf of their Clients. In case the Client has entered any agreement with any financial institution, Leeds Capital is not going to be a party of any of such agreements. Leeds Capital does not guarantee any form of ‘return on investment volume’ or ‘achieving financial freedom’ resulting from trading foreign exchange and similarly restrict their introducing brokers from using misleading and false rhetoric forms to collect Clients’ deposits. The only platforms representing the interests of the Clients of Leeds Capital group are www.Leeds Capitaltx.com. The domain maintain the right to operate under the Leeds Capital’ trading name.