Account Opening Procedures

1. How do I open an account ?

Please read carefully the contents and terms of the customer agreement. If in doubt, please obtain independent legal advice on the contents and terms of the agreement.  To apply for account opening, fill in the relevant information on the page of “Online Account Opening” on the company website and submit the application for account opening.  Download “Terms and Conditions Agreement, Disclaimer and Risk Notice, Customer Agreement” from the Download area – Form Download to apply for an official account.  Download the “desktop” or “mobile” trading software in the download area  

2. Can I trade it online if I didn’t use my own computer ?

You can trade online through all online computers and just download the trading platform software on the website

3. How do I know that my account is already opened ?

Once your account is opened, we will notify you by email of your account name, password, deposit instructions, and how to login to the platform.

4. What other services does the Leeds Capital Trading System offer ?

The Leeds Capital Trading System provides you with a wide range of trading tools, including technical analysis, chart display, and loss analysis, and comprehensive customer support services. where customers can instantly check their latest account notes on the platform, showing all transactions and transaction prices, and ensure that you can check all transactions accurately.

5. When will my funds reach my account ?

When the platform receives payment from the customer, the deposit is reflected in the customer’s trading account and can be used as a transaction.  

6. What do I want to withdraw money from my account ?

For withdrawals from existing accounts, customers can log in to the trading platform, select “Withdrawal” and fill in all withdrawal details.  

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