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Join Leeds Capital to experience tight spreads and trading conditions plus a live support team committed to helping you. 

Faster Execution

Leeds Capital data Center has its own enterprise-class hardware support on the trade server.  The data center is also where our quotation provider hosts servers.  With dedicated fibre optic cross-connections to our network, quote providers ensure the lowest latency and fastest transaction execution for our customers.  

Mate great trading support

Our trading environment is created with traders in mind.  Scalping, hedging and automated trading are all allowed.  

Excellent customer service

Leeds Capital is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and support, and our team has significant experience in the foreign exchange industry, so they understand the needs of foreign exchange traders. So you can trade at Leith capital, because we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flexible trading volume

Customers can trade from 1 hands to 1000 hands in our trading environment. Our technology categorizes and ranks prices to allow transactions to be executed in real time across multiple quotation providers and their tiers, ensuring the best price for any transaction size

About Leeds Capital

Leeds Capital specializes in precious metals, virtual currency, stock index, energy, foreign exchange trading and other services.  Leeds Capital attaches great importance to the security of its online systems and closely monitors them to ensure an efficient and reliable trading platform.  , with a solid foundation, an extensive network and a professional service team, has built a strong business and a reputation for trustworthiness.  The platform has expanded its financial strength, and its business has spread all over the world. The account opening process is safe and convenient, making it the leader of foreign exchange brokers and the only choice for foreign exchange trading. 

Lower Spreads

Our mission is to provide traders with the lowest spreads possible during all market conditions. We have invested heavily in technology and establishing strong relationships with some of the largest and most reliable liquidity providers in the market. We are constantly adding and tweaking our technology in order to bring the trader the best possible conditions in the industry.

Superior Technology

Leeds Capital provides you with an unmatched trading environment and cutting-edge trading tools.  Our trading app for iPhone and Android mobile devices has been optimized to provide you with the best mobile trading experience.  

Trust and transparency

Trust and transparency are Leeds’s core values. Leeds capital commitment there is no human intervention quotes, tampering with the price and trading restrictions and other acts.

The trusted Global Foreign Exchange Company of Leeds Capital

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